Wednesday, April 10, 2013

USB (EHCI) Debugging Ports

 In my new job, I'm looking at kernel scalability on an 8-socket (160 logical cpu!) system.  Unfortunately, I'm having some troubles getting it to even boot wit
h 3.9-rc kernels.  It's been dying in very early boot, and doesn't have a hardware serial port!

I've recently discovered that there is early printk support for "USB Debug Ports", which I should be able to use in place of serial ports.  Darren Hart was kind enough to let me borrow his USB EHCI debug adapter, since the manufacturer is not selling them at the moment.

The debug adapter has two sides and it is not symmetric. This can be a bit confusing since if you plug it in to both systems while they are booted, you will get a /dev/ttyUSB0 on both that behaves the same.  In my case, only one side will power the device, and that is the side which goes in to the good system (the one you are not debugging).

I tried to get it to work on three different systems.  I only got it to work on one. :(

  • Lenovo S10-3 netbook - Only one EHCI debug controller, but never got it to work. I assume the debug port is not connected to the outside world.
  • Acer Veriton X4618G
    • My system has two USB controllers,which means that I might need either "earlyprintk=dbgp" *OR* "earlyprintk=dbgp1". Theoretically, I could probably figure out which of the two physical controllers was which in lspci, then figure out the order in which earlyprintk=dbgp enumerates those, then track down how they're connected. But, I'm dumb, and I don't expect myself to perform this procedure correctly.
    • My motherboard has 4 internal 10-pin USB headers (each with two actual ports), plus another 6 ports on the back. So, I've got 14 possible ports and two possible boot options. Worst case, I'm going to have to boot the system 28 times! I ended up finding the port on my 17th boot. Take good notes!
    • I never did get "earlyprintk=dbgp" to work. Only "earlyprintk=dbgp1" worked. I'm not sure if this was my error somehow, or if that port is just not exposed.
    • Some of the internal motherboard headers, despite having 10 pins, only actually have one port on them. I _believe_ this are intended for front-panel card readers, but just beware.
  • Fujitsu Primequest 1800e2
    • This systems problems in early boot were the reason I tried EHCI debugging to begin with.
    • This is a large, expensive system.  The USB ports exposed to the outside world all appear to be on different USB buses than the ones that have the USB debug functionality.  The CD drive claimed to be on the right bus, but the USB bus was not accessible.
    • I gave up and got a PCIe serial card instead

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